Tag Manager

We implement code for advanced analytics tracking.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) works with Google Analytics 4 and allows us advanced tracking capabilities, such as tracking transactions, product impressions, and product clicks, which can provide you valuable insights into customer behavior and purchase patterns. This information can inform your optimization strategies, product recommendations, cart abandonment campaigns, and email marketing.

Google Analytics Integration

GTM integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics 4, allowing for more advanced analysis of your website data. This includes tracking e-commerce conversion rates, revenue, and other important metrics, which can inform your e-commerce optimization strategies.


GTM can track pageviews, including when users land on a page, how long they spend on the page, and when they leave.

Simplified Tag Management

We can manage Google tags and tracking codes on your website, often without your developer involvement. This simplifies the process of adding or removing tags and allows for more efficient testing and optimization of e-commerce tracking configurations.

Customized Tracking

GTM allows us to customize the tracking configurations to align with your specific business needs. This includes the ability to track custom metrics, dimensions, and events, and can provide you more granular insights into your customer behavior to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and your website performance.

Form Submissions

GTM can track when users submit a form on your website, such as a contact form or a newsletter signup form.

Scroll Depth

GTM can track how far users scroll down a page and how long they spend scrolling.

Custom Events

GTM allows for the tracking of custom events that are specific to your website, such as tracking video views or tracking product purchases.

User Behavior

GTM can track user behavior, such as the pages users visit, the devices and browsers they use, and their geographic location.

Improved User Experience

By reducing the number of tracking codes and scripts on your website, GTM can help improve site performance, which can enhance the user experience. Faster page load times, improved navigation, and a seamless checkout process can all lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Google Tag Manager compatible with Google Analytics 4