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Supplier of custom analytics services.

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Our Focus

Advanced Analytics

Slivr Tag Manager

Tag Manager

Install, configure and report on your tag manager data.

Slivr 2nd Party Data

2nd Party Data

Business partner data for better transparency.

Slivr 3rd Party Data

3rd Party Data

Vendor and public data to assess market conditions.

Slivr Recurring Reports

Recurring Reports

Vital data delivered to you at expected intervals.

Slivr Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Customized dashboards for key stakeholders.

Slivr SEO Dashboard

SEO Dashboard

SEO dashboard to visualize organic KPI data.

Slivr SEM Dashboard

Paid Media Dashboard

SEM campagin data to holistically visualize metrics.

Slivr Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning modeling to answer crital questions.

Slivr Market Obstacles

Market Obstacles

Marketplace data for situational awareness.

Analytics Services

Agency Analytics

We work with boutique agencies, local agencies, national agencies and international agencies on unique projects.

Business Analytics

We provide analytics services to companies seeking to solve stuck points or subtle data changes in a current strategy.